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Stay Tuned –  Ice and Games have already been scheduled and ‘locked in’ for the upcoming 2020-21 MASCO High School Girls’ Hockey Season.

Please be patient as we all work together through these unprecedented COVID-19 times. Unfortunately, there are some that are watching all of us, in the rinks, social media, incredibly by ‘Live Barn’, etc. for social distancing, masks, ‘parents’, and locker room behavior, not for the hockey, as they weigh in (right or wrong) on whether the Fall and Winter High School Sports Seasons should or will be ‘allowed’ during this COVID-19 Pandemic. It goes without saying, please, as always expect that someone is watching/filming/documenting and continue to still do the right thing, as you always do, in representing our Girls, our families, our Coaches, MASCO, and Women’s Ice Hockey respectfully and safely.

On Thursday October 29, 2020 the MIAA COVID-19 Task Force met and voted unanimously, 20-0, to cancel all winter 2020-21 tournaments. The ‘winter’ hockey season will end on February 21, 2021 ‘if it happens at all’. They [MIAA] went further, and states that their current recommendation is to start the winter season on November 30, 2020 with a caveat; that if the Massachusetts’ Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) does not issue guidance by November 9, 2020 that the season may be delayed. Some have recommended no winter season at all due to COVID safety concerns and alleged industry wide ‘hockey COVID abuses’. We all know that is not entirely true, keep up the great work. Keep your distances in parking lots, lobbies, and seating areas. Mask up!

Massachusetts hockey is still on our ‘two-week pause’ that is expected to end on November 7th. When and if the rinks do open, please all continue to maintain COVID safety and social distancing, as the hockey community always has. people are watching…

Stay safe! Let’s play some hockey!!